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Christmas and Islam. Most people tend to think the two are mutually exclusive - which is far from accurate. 

Christmas is regarded as a miracle in both Islam and Christianity, and many Muslims have attempted to fight the false perception, proving time and again that Islam and Jesus are not at odds. 

In 2016, someone made a "Muslim Christmas Song" based on the classic holiday song: Deck The Halls.

The song, which was released by Awakening Records, has been making the rounds online recently after Twitter user @MurshHabib shared it, causing it to go viral just in time for the holiday season. 

People were left confused ... particularly with the fact that the classic chorus "fa la la la la ... la la la la" was replaced with the Islamic testimony "la 'ilaha 'illa llah," which translates to "there is no god but god."

"Search the sky for light and glory ..."

'Tis the season to be jolly ... la 'ilaha 'illa llah

"I have officially seen it all"

The Muslim-American singer of the song speaks up!

But, still, many were at a loss for words


"So done with Twitter"

Some just have one question in mind: WHY?

WARNING: Once you hear it, you can't unhear it

"I hope this was done with the sole intention of trolling the racists"

Some "mashallahs" came out in full force

"It's beautiful"

Some even prefer the Islamic version over the original...

But ... there are some having serious nightmarish flashbacks

Have a listen and decide for yourself!