The Abu Dhabi Statistics Center (ADSC) recently published a report detailing statistics on marriage and divorce in the Emirati capital. 

The report found that the most popular month for Emirati weddings is March, while the least popular month for weddings is June. 

Ironically, March is also the most popular month for divorce. According to the report, 7.6 divorce cases were filed per 1,000 residents, with March holding the highest divorce rate. September saw the lowest. 

5,892 marriage contracts in total were registered in Abu Dhabi in 2016, while a total of 1,922 divorce cases were also registered that same year. 

Of those marriages, nearly 3,400 of them were between two Emiratis. 

The average age of marriage in 2016 for Emirati men in Abu Dhabi was 28-years-old, whereas the average age of marriage for women is 25-years-old. 

The report also revealed that 28.2 percent of marriages that ended in divorce in 2016 did not last a full year. Moreover, more than 50 percent of marriages in the Emirati capital did not exceed three years. 

"Though the number of marriage contracts registered in Abu Dhabi has been increasing by 5.8 percent annually since 1975, the marriage rate decreased from 7.6 marriages per 1000 citizens during 2016 from 7.9 marriages per 1000 citizens in 2015," the report stated as per Gulf News. 

According to statistics revealed in another report by ADSC, the crude marriage rate in the UAE capital dropped from 4 marriages per 1000 residents in 2005 to 3 marriage per 1000 residents in 2010. 

It was also revealed that there was a decrease in the crude divorce rate in Abu Dhabi from 1.3 divorces per 1000 residents in 2005 to 0.9 divorces per 1000 residents in 2010.   

Divorce in the Arab world

Divorce rates in many parts of the Arab world are incredibly high, despite the cultural and societal barriers that make it incredibly hard for married couples to file for divorce. 

In fact, Jordan's divorce rate is actually among the highest in the world, as reported by The Telegraph, with 2.6 reported cases of divorce per 1,000 residents. 

In the Arab world, Libya has the lowest divorce rate, with a reported 0.3 cases of divorce per 1,000 residents.