We might understand where fake news comes from, we might try to comprehend why stereotypes exist, and we might even push our brains to wrap around the idea of purposeful ignorance… but to come across a tweet combining it all is just a "f*ck no" to everyone.

Enter "Before Sharia Spoiled Everything," a Twitter account supposedly "dedicated to the memory of secular societies in Muslim-majority countries" - except that its content is far from accurate.

Late last month, the account suggested that Sharia (Islamic law) ruined Lebanon, which is actually a country so religiously diverse that it comprises 18 recognized religious sects.

The account posted two tweets featuring photos that were allegedly taken in Lebanon in 1965, without mentioning the sources of the photos. 

The first photo features a guy checking out a woman wearing a bathing suit with a scarf loosely wrapped around her hair. Similarly, the second photo captures two women and a man enjoying their time at the beach.

Both photos include a caption that reads, "Lebanon, 1965."

In response, social media users - mainly foreigners who've been to Lebanon and experienced it first-hand - came out in full force to set the record straight and point out that Lebanon does not apply Sharia. 

The responses were not only informative, but also hilarious and savage AF. Here's a glimpse: 

People were quick to prove the account wrong by showing what Lebanon is actually like

Doesn't Beirut's vibrant nightlife ring a bell?

What about the country's mixed beaches?

Not to mention the LGBTQI+ friendly spots

Naturally, someone was compelled to mention ex-porn star Mia Khalifa

Actual footage of Lebanese Sharia law in action

"Lebanon is run by SHAKIRA LAW not Sharia"

A kind reminder that Google is free

But anyway, how are bikinis an indicator of social progress?

Foreigners are now planning to visit Lebanon

And then there are the people who actually believed the account 🤦‍♀️