The first Saudi Comic Con took place over the weekend, and it turned out to be a huge hit. 

With international stars from Game of Thrones, to thousands of people geeking out, it was the event not to be missed.

And, as is the norm, with Comic Con comes Cosplay (Costume Play), and we found the best ones.

1. The Avengers showed up

2. As did Luffy and his gang from One Piece (a Japanese hit manga)

3. Luffy's first companion, Roronoa Zoro, also made an appearance

4. Things got a bit pixelated with Minecraft

5. Kakashi from Naturo was also there, with Shaheen from Tekken 7

6. And a little Princess Leia to guide our way

7. Villains from Batman came out to play ... the stuff of nightmares

8. A notorious pirate was there too

9. Oh, there you are Perry

Perry the Platypus is a character from Phineas & Ferb, an American animated musical comedy television series. 

10. And the winner is: a warrior with the Akamanah sword

The character is based off of the game Lineage 2. 

Well played Saudi Comic Con. Well played.