Islamophobia is alive and well. The phrase "creeping Sharia law" - which is a theory that Muslims want to take over the world by spreading Islamic laws - is just one example of the intensity of the hate. 

Twitter user @BarryStanton64 recently proved this very fact, with a tweet. 

"If all these Muslims want there Shakira law in this country ... why don't they f**k off back to India [sic]," the user, which seems to be a parody account, wrote in a tweet.

Of course, people couldn't help but respond. A flood of jokes soon followed.

First, Shakira is from Columbia. Not India.

Shakira law defined: where it is forbidden for one's hips to lie

Surat al-hips 66:44: "thou, hips shall not lie"

"Creeping Shakira"

Memes took over the internet

What about a Rihanna law? Or a Beyoncé law?

Sheikhs joined the conversation

"Any Muslim friends wanna teach me about Shakira law? Anyone?"

"Whenever, Wherever"

"When I'm hungry, I often invoke Shawarma Law"