Last week, a fire broke out on a Qatar Airways plane while it was parked for maintenance at Hamad International Airport in Doha. 

The fire broke out in the cabin of the Airbus A321-200 on Dec. 8, according to Aviation Herald, as the aircraft's in-flight entertainment system and satcom antenna were being checked. 

The fire extensively damaged the roof of the aircraft, just moments before it was put out. 

Luckily, no injuries were reported. The aircraft "sustained substantial damage and possibly needs to be written off," as reported by AV Herald.

"Whilst there was some damage to the aircraft there were no injuries," the airline said in a statement.

Pictures shared online show extensive damage to both the aircraft's interior and exterior. 

The airline has not yet released an official statement regarding the overall details of the damage. 

The fire is said to have originated in IFE/Satcom antenna built inside the cabin rooftop, according to JACDECHowever, an investigation into the matter continues. 

The Qatar Airways plane had last flown on Dec. 6, from Moscow to Doha.