A shocking fake acid attack recorded on CCTV outside a UK mosque has left two Muslim women terrified and shaken, The Independent reported on Wednesday. 

The CCTV footage was recorded on Tuesday, capturing the moment people in a black car threw liquid at two women who were exiting the Bashir Ahmed Masjid (Mosque) in Southampton. 

As the car sped away, the two women, who initially thought they were being attacked with acid, ran back into the mosque's premises.

According to The Independent, "Police described the women as 'understandably shaken,' while on Facebook the mosque shared their fears that a subsequent attack could involve acid." 

The mosque later released a message which reportedly came from one of the attacked women. 

"Sisters just to warn you to be careful when u are out and about, you all know about the recent acid attacks in London. Today my friend and I were standing outside Bashir Masjid in Portswood, waiting to be picked up when a group of men in a black car drove past us and threw water at us," the message read. 

"We are both OK because it was only water, but if they get away with doing stuff like this then it could embolden them to next time use bleach or acid." 

The shocking CCTV footage has been shared on social media

Acid attacks on the rise in the U.K.

In recent weeks, the UK has seen a rise in acid attacks, many of which have been investigated as hate crimes against Muslims and other minorities.  

Earlier this month, Resham Khan, a 21-year-old Muslim, and her cousin, Jameel Muhktar, suffered devastating injuries "when an attacker squirted acid through their car window in Newham, east London, on 21 June."

Police have since classified the attack as a hate crime.

Soon after the assault, hundreds of messages warning Muslims in London of acid attacks began to make their way to social media. This uncalled-for situation is leading many members of the community to live in a state of fear.

Speaking to StepFeed, a few members of the community expressed their concerns but also stressed on the fact that the attacks are a threat to everyone regardless of their faith.  

Ahmed, a 34-year-old medical resident and Londoner said

 "I've lived here for over ten years and I've never felt this unsafe. With the recent attacks outside mosques and everything circulating on social media, there's an obvious state of panic spreading among many in our community and it's just heartbreaking to see that." 

"These aren't attacks against Muslims, these are attacks against humanity," he added.