How do you spot an Islamophobe?

First, Islamophobes fail to differentiate between Islam (the religion) and Muslim (those who practice the faith). Second, they believe "Arabic" is an ethnicity and "hijabi" is a language ... and yes, these people exist. 

Twitter user @BarryStanton64 is just one example. In a tweet posted on Nov. 21, said tweep proved that Islamophobia is alive and well. 

"When i go to London i want to see BRITISH people speaking ENGLISH, not f**king Somalis speaking hijabi [sic]," he wrote. 

"Speaking hijabi" ...???

His tweet went viral, garnering over 2,000 retweets at the time of writing. 

As one can imagine ... Twitter exploded. Sarcasm and humor dominated the conversation. 

Someone made a visual representation of the "hijabi" language ...

QUESTION: Can we all learn "hijabi" on Duolingo?

Hijabis began trolling ... and it's pure savagery


"You have a very unusual condition that requires study"

Memes of the Twitter user's image soon followed

Lots of them ...

"It's Barry language"

"No one is missing you in Hijabland"

"Use your English speaking skills to Google what Somalis speak"

Others began questioning the Twitter account

Are you real? Please don't be real