Snapchat's Discover section is basically where the new generation consumes its media - from news to entertainment to food and lifestyle. 

But Arabic content has been lacking ... up until now, that is.

Snapchat recently added a few Arabic media outlets to the Discover section, including, but not limited to, Al Jazeera, MBC and Al Arabiya. 

"This is not simply another attempt to fill a millennial niche. Al Jazeera has assembled a team of young storytellers consisting of journalists, influencers and creative talents from around the region to produce the Arabic content for our Snapchat audience,"  said Yaser Bishr, executive director of digital for Al Jazeera, according to Trade Arabia

It's definitely a step forward, but not all millennials are feeling it. 

Snapchat = SpaceToon?

"Even MBC has one. And no I'm not spelling NBC incorrectly."

A bunch of people actually love it ... calling it a "smart move"

Saying it's a pretty cool addition

Others are a bit TOO excited

Because Snapchat is "upping" its game with this

Others entered a state of extreme confusion

Simply put: "I don't want it"

Some even asked the app to kindly "go back to English"

Because ... "I just wanna read Cosmos" #Priorities

And there were some ... who just didn't get why they're seeing Arabic content in the first place