The internet was ablaze cheering for Melania Trump over the weekend when she visited Saudi Arabia without wearing a headscarf.

Now, Melania, accompanying her husband U.S. President Donald Trump, has arrived in the Vatican to meet with the Roman Catholic Pope ... and she's wearing a headscarf. 

While it should be perfectly acceptable for a woman to wear or not wear a headscarf if she chooses to do so, many were cheering Melania for somehow standing up to the patriarchy by not covering her hair in Riyadh. 

This happens regularly, whenever a female Western leader visits Saudi Arabia. These leading women normally choose not to cover their hair and the West applauds.

But, what about when they wear a headscarf at the Vatican? Are they caving to the confines of patriarchy?

Or maybe patriarchy and feminism are a lot more complicated than a piece of cloth covering women's hair?

Female Western leaders usually cover their hair when they visit the Vatican

But in Saudi Arabia, they normally choose not to

And they get cheered for this decision.