It's been a few days since Lebanese individuals in several cities across the country gathered up the courage to take to the streets to protest corruption. 

Never-Seen-Before energy fueled the protests, which began on Thursday evening and are still ongoing as of Sunday morning. People are tired of being governed by the same politicians that have been ruling the country for decades. This very same government is sinking the public further into a cycle of debt, corruption, and violence.

A sense of unity and conviction has been omnipresent among the thousands of protesters in Beirut, Saida, Tyre, Nabatiyeh, Jbeil, Jal el Dib, Tripoli and Baalbeck. 

We've witnessed card games amid burning tires, dabke performances in the middle of the streets, singing and dancing to Baby Shark in an attempt to entertain a child stuck with his mother on the road, and a DJ-hosted party in Tripoli. 

"Only in Lebanon"

Footage of the protest in Tripoli began making the rounds on Saturday night. In the now-viral video, a DJ can be seen playing music to a fully-packed crowd in the Northern Lebanese city.  

Mobile phones were lit up, people swayed side to side, up and down as the DJ asked them: "Are you ready?"

People were glued to the streets, they were not ready to leave, and their energy was pumping out of their chests. They were finally achieving things. For starters, the protests were triggered by the government's plans to introduce new taxes. Following the country-wide demonstrations on Thursday, the country's telecommunications minister backtracked on the so-called "Whatsapp tax" scheme. 

The movement wasn't just a reaction to the proposed excise, but a response to the government's passivity, corruption and lack of proactive plans and solutions. On Saturday night, as people were hosting a protest party in Tripoli, the country's Lebanese Forces' parliamentary bloc requested that its four ministers in government submit their resignation. 

So, the party spirit was most definitely re-ignited in protesters across the entire country, Tripoli included. But, in terms of innate party spirit, people in Tripoli really showed Beirut that they are the life of the party. Thanks to social media users, the moment will forever be remembered. Here's a glimpse:

Tomorrowland or what?

Are you on Tripoli's guest list?

"AHM is shaking"

The DJ will forever be remembered

"Even our protests are fu*king amazing parties"

"This is beautiful"

A revolution turned rave

"Coachella who?"

"We're not leaving the streets until you have your chairs"