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The world's leading streaming entertainment service Netflix has officially bought the rights to six socially enlightening Saudi Arabian films, it was announced last week. Netflix will be streaming these short movies in the form of a limited series titled "Six Windows in the Desert."

The films, initially produced by Saudi and UAE-based studio Telfaz11, will begin streaming in 190 countries starting Feb. 27. The main aim of these short films is to shed light on socially conflicting topics such as love, extremism, discrimination, and more.

"It is our strong belief that a great story can come from anywhere and be loved everywhere," said director of content acquisitions at Netflix Nuha El Tayeb.

The extensive number of local talents and creators residing across the globe allows for a multitude of diverse and interesting stories, El Tayeb added.

This series of shorts not only sheds light on social issues but also on the veiled talent of Saudi producers. With a whopping 167 million subscribers on the streaming platform, the Saudi film market will be given a chance to expand and showcase its culture and stories to the world.

CEO of Telfaz11 Alaa Fadan expressed "immense pride" at having six of their short films featured on an international platform such as Netflix.  

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What are the six films?

  1. 27th of Shaban (2019): The movie is based on the early 2000s when the act of dating in the kingdom was forbidden. The plot revolves around the events faced by two people, Mohammed and Nouf, meeting for a date.
  2. The Rat (2018): This feature revolves around a man, Fahad, and the fear he experiences during his final day on earth. Like a rat on a wheel, he scurries through different cycles of fear defined by his father's actions.
  3. Curtain (2018): A female nurse escaping traumatic events faces fear and judgment at her workplace.
  4. Wasati (2016): This film is based on a true story from 2005 and recounts the events on the night of a play called Wasati Bela Wastiah (meaning "A Moderate Without Moderation") which was attacked by a group of extremists. This film is from an alternate point of view.
  5. Predicament in Sight (2016): A science fiction short dating back to the 1970s, this movie tells the story of the survivors of a plane crash who learn to co-exist in an isolated desert after communication with the rest of the world fails.
  6. Is Sumyati Going to Hell? (2016): When a family hires a housemaid named Sumyati, the family's youngest child, Layan, looks on as they treat the housemaid with racism.