Emirates airline made sure to celebrate Valentine's Day quite epically this year, launching a special campaign titled "Emirates Love Stories" to mark the day. 

As part of it, the company turned to social media to share a video of a romantic proposal that took place on a flight en-route from Dubai, the UAE to Johannesburg, South Africa. The footage captures a man named William surprising his girlfriend Vasti with the proposal of her dreams. 

Leading her down an aisle decorated with rose petals, the groom-to-be walked his future wife into the A380's Onboard Lounge before he went down on one knee and popped the question. After Vasti said yes, the couple enjoyed celebratory champaign 38,000 feet in the air. 

In the heartwarming video, it was revealed that Vasti had always wanted a romantic proposal in the air. 

Cabin crew on the flight made sure to help William make her dream come true as they collaborated on arranging the surprise. 

Not the first time a romantic proposal takes place on board an Emirates flight

In fact, marriage proposals aren't that uncommon on the airline's flights. 

In 2018, the boyfriend of one of Emirates' very own fly attendants surprised her with a heartwarming proposal that sent the internet abuzz. Identified as Stefano Inve, the Italian man popped the question to his girlfriend, Vittoria Stabile, on board a flight en-route from Rome, Italy to Dubai. 

That same year, a Chinese man also went down on one knee and asked his girlfriend to marry him during an Emirates flight that was en-route from Shanghai, China to Dubai.