Saudi psychiatrist Tarek Al-Habib has been accused of undermining family dynamics in controversial remarks that have caused a stir on social media.

In a two-year-old video that recently resurfaced online, Al-Habib advises his female audience "to use men to produce children," justifying his stance by noting that "men use women for pleasure."

"Dr. Tarek Al-Habib says: 'Dear man, use women for pleasure. Dear woman, use men for procreation.'"

In the clip, Al-Habib appears on Al-Rayah television channel, addressing unmarried women who maintain high standards while considering potential suitors.

He advises such women to lower their expectations and get married in order to reproduce before it is too late.

"Some girls - may God protect them - they are 35 years old, but they say, 'No this man is too tall... This one is too short,'" Al-Habib says. 

"Just use him to produce one child or two. They will be your true companions in the future," he added.

He goes on to explain, "Just like men use women for pleasure sometimes during marriage, use him as a way of procreation."

The video has triggered public outrage as Al-Habib seemed to be encouraging women to make rash decisions and disregard the repercussions of marrying unsuitable men. 

He was also accused of objectifying women by portraying them as means for pleasure. 


"I swear this is shameful."

People noted that there's more to marriage than sex and reproduction

"For them, marriage is just about sex and procreation... What wretched minds.

Unfortunately, they think women have no feelings."

What about the children?

"Regardless, what's the point of having children if she intends to get a divorce? 

It is unfair for children when women think of motherhood in a selfish manner. And please stop promoting the idea of [children as a] support system because it is wrong."

"What is this nonsense! I am obliged to choose a competent father for my children, instead of a man who marries me for pleasure and whom I marry for procreation. Such a relationship is filthy."

Can women really trust this doctor?

"This encourages women to make decisions they might regret. They would hit a road-bump just because they trusted a doctor who is supposed to be an educated idol."

"I think it's time to remove the 'Dr.' from his name"

Meanwhile, others defended him...

"You guys did not get his point, if you did you would have known that he was addressing women who are 35 years old or older. These women should not have too many conditions [on suitors], the most important condition is good manners. They should at least produce one child."

Al-Habib responds:

Speaking to Al-Arabiya following the social media outrage, Al-Habib said the video was taken out of context, explaining that he was speaking to a 37-year-old woman who was complaining about being single.

So, he advised her to lower her standards and "marry to produce children before it’s too late."

He added that he still maintains that stance concerning unmarried women who wish to have children.

"Even a man’s marriage to a woman for pleasure is okay. These are needs which one can achieve with the help of the other," Al-Habib said, according to Al-Arabiya

"By making marriage complicated, we are hindering it and paving the way for men and women to commit prohibited acts."