The cabinet of the United Arab Emirates approved a new national tolerance program on Wednesday, reaffirming respect for others as a key value of the nation.

"Tolerance is a key value of our ancestors and our Founding Fathers," Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, the ruler of Dubai and vice president and prime minister of the UAE said, according to The National . "The UAE has succeeded in spreading it throughout the Arab region and the world."

Sheikh Mohammed took to Twitter to update his followers regarding the new program as well.

With the goal of respecting differences whether racial or religious, the plan aims to fight ignorance and extremism based on the teachings of Islam, the constitution, the legacy of the UAE's founder Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan, international conventions and the nation's ethics, according to Minister of State Tolerance Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi.

In addition to forming a Council of Tolerance and establishing the UAE Tolerance Centre, the program will also create a Charter of Tolerance, Coexistence and Peace, which will promote respect for diversity while rejecting violence, extremism and racism.

Through five main themes, the program aims to promote tolerance through the government, the nation's families, the nation's youth, scientific and cultural content and the integration of international initiatives.

"Tolerance is the basis for building societies, and promoting values of peaceful coexistence." Sheikh Mohammed said. "Today, we need to be more tolerant and united to face the changes happening around us."