Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is no stranger to surprises ... but this time it's seriously out-of-this-world.

On Sept. 9, Sheikh Mohammed tweeted a video of himself attending an Islamic marriage contract ceremony (aka melcha) between two members of his administration: Omar al-Ulama and Amal bin Shabib. 

Both the bride and the groom work for the Dubai Ruler's office. 

But, it wasn't Sheikh Mohammed's presence that caught people off guard. It was the presence of a robot. 

A robotic machine, which helps connect those in the Service 1 center, located in Emirates Tower, with a court official via video call, helped settle the contract between the judge, the newly weds and their families. 

The couple became the first to formalize their marriage contract ceremony using the new smart service. 

Once the legal formalities were completed, another robot delivered printed copies of the contract to be signed. 

"I attended an unusual Islamic marriage contract ceremony"

The marriage agreement was completed using the service package Mabrook Ma Dabrat (congratulations on your marriage), according to Gulf News

The service employs a smart technology - connecting those present in the center with a Dubai Courts official - all in accordance with sharia and legal procedure. 

Seriously though ... the future is here ... and it's in Dubai!

People absolutely loved it!

Because how could they not?