Dubai's Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum is currently holidaying in Japan. Lucky for his followers, he's been documenting his trip on Instagram one epic story at a time. 

The royal is in the country with his uncle Saeed and his young best friend Mohammed bin Ahmed Jaber Al Harbi, also known as Maj. 

Little Maj has been quite close to Sheikh Hamdan for a while now, though he's only - and we're assuming here - 9 or 10 years old. Their friendship has been growing for years. Maj is the son of Ahmed Jaber 'AJ' Al Harbi, a close friend of Sheikh Hamdan, but it seems AJ's own offspring is replacing him.

From exploring autumn in the country to delving into its exuberant traditions and culture, it looks like the royal is having a great time. 

Here's a timeline of his visit so far: 

The prince captured the country's autumn

And visited the Fushimi Inari Shrine

Sheikh Hamdan paid a visit to the popular shrine along with Maj and posted a photo of the two of them posing in front of the temple's red arch. Captioning the image in Japanese, he wrote: "I love Japan."

He also made sure to explore Kyoto

Walking in the city's streets, the royal, who's known for being an avid photographer and an adventurer, captured an image of geishas walking around in the area. 

Off he goes to Tokyo on a high-speed bullet train

According to his Instagram Stories, he traveled to Tokyo via Shinkansen (aka bullet train), which effortlessly reached a 282km/h-speed.

A Tokyo high-rise selfie was a must

Once he got to the capital, Sheikh Hamdan made sure to visit a high-rise building and posted a selfie with the red and white Tokyo Tower in the background.

So was some fun with bronze sculptures

The prince captured images of his uncle posing with bronze sculptures of rugby player Michael Leitch and sumo wrestler Tochinoshin Tsuyoshi.

He also tried what he called one of the country's best burgers

Prince Hamdan made sure to pass by the country's popular Aldebaran restaurant and raved about the burger he had there, saying it's "the best in Tokyo." 

To be fair, according to the restaurant's Instagram account, the burgers sell out quite fast. 

He enjoyed other delicacies, too

But it's not the first time Sheikh Hamdan and his uncle Saeed go to Japan this year

Back in April, the duo went to Tokyo, Japan, and Seoul, South Korea. 

According to Instagram posts related to their trip, it seems they enjoyed their time quite enough to push them to go again ... and this time drag little Maj with them.