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December is upon us, and that means the Christmas spirit is in full force. Streets are painted green, red, and white, flickering lights radiate warmth against the winter breeze, and show-stopping art installations accentuate the magic of the jolly season. 

It's not only beginning to look a lot like Christmas, but it's starting to sound like it as well. Holiday melodies can be heard at every turn, in every shop, and on every radio station. But, truth be told, all Christmas songs were not created equal. 

On one hand, you have the pesky tunes you listen to once. On the other, you have the melodies you don't mind listening to on repeat - ones that stir up butterflies in your stomach and boost your level of endorphins. For the latter kind, one singer is bound to come to mind. He's the reigning king of Christmas, the crooner behind all our favorite Christmas melodies ... and it goes without saying that his name is Michael Bublé.

The 44-year-old Canadian balladeer released his Christmas album back in 2011, and the holiday season has been changed forever ever since. From his most popular remakes of Jingle Bells and Santa Claus is Coming to Town, to the lesser-known gems on his album, Bublé's music has become a Christmas staple without which the holiday season remains incomplete. 

Bublé's Christmas album has already secured its spot in history books, but the multi Grammy Award-winning artist still makes sure to offer fans something new to look forward to every year. For Christmas 2019, Bublé released a new version of his White Christmas, featuring a Rankin/Bass-style animated videoIf you thought there's nothing more charming than watching Bublé perform his musical magic, then wait till you see his animated version ... Be still my heart!

"This new rendition of White Christmas is a wonderful present from Michael to his fans," said Tom Corson, co-chairman and COO of Warner Records, under which the artist is signed. "Michael is a musical treasure and nothing signals the coming of the holidays more than his signature sound and these timeless songs."

Year after year, Bublé's Christmas album proves it's just as evergreen as the Christmas tree - and this year is no different. 'Tis the season to snuggle up by the fireplace, ignore the work emails mounting in your inbox, and stream Bublé's album all night long.

His music is the perfect Christmas soundtrack, here's proof:

Numbers don't lie

The album topped the Billboard 200 chart upon its release in 2011 and has returned to the Top 10 in every holiday season thereafter. According to Warner Records, Christmas has accumulated over four billion streams in total, of which one billion were amassed last year alone. In other words, Christmas is the most-listened-to Christmas album in the world and the top holiday album of the decade.

There's nothing like the classics

Holidays are all about traditions, and listening to Bublé's music might as well be one of them. Part of what makes the album so special is that it includes a collection of holiday favorites like White Christmas and Silent Night sung by Bublé with a unique twist.

His vocals offer the same warmth as a cup of hot chocolate

Bublé masters every track with a soulful, smooth, and steady voice that is just as heart-warming as it is entertaining. As one Twitter user accurately puts it, "Michael Bublé's voice was made for Christmas."

His music hits right in the holiday feels

If you're feeling low on holiday vibes, a quick shuffle through Bublé's Christmas album would suffice for the Christmas spirit to kick in.

There's a song for every mood

The album is an excellent mix between the old and the contemporary, and its songs range from the romantic and soothing to the energizing and upbeat. Every track has a life of its own, as Bublé shakes things up throughout the album, whether by teaming up with fellow vocalists or by singing in a different language. 

It's hard to resist his charms

You don't need to be the most festive person to find peace and pleasure in listening to Christmas. The latter is so hard to resist that some fans even start listening to it long before the holiday season ... because why not?

The album includes a Christmas greeting from the artist

It's no surprise that his talking voice is just as delightful as his singing voice.

Have a holly, jolly, Michael Bublé-y Christmas!