Frustrated over your mounting traffic fines? Just be glad you're not this guy.

Sharjah police have arrested a man with over 1 million Emirati dirhams in unpaid traffic violations. According to Khaleej Times, the man was arrested with over 130 violations and a massive outstanding debt of 1,193,840 dirhams ($325,040).

But this guy was doing a bit more than speeding and running red lights.

“Most of the fines were for ‘passengers smuggling’ issued by Roads and Transport Authority in Sharjah. He committed other fines like lane discipline and some fines in other emirates,” Major Mohammed Abdul Rahman Bin Kasmol, deputy director of Wasit police station, said, according to Gulf News.

Apparently, the man was accepting money to drive passengers in an illegal taxi service, on top of other more routine driving violations. Illegally accepting money to drive passengers results in a 5,000 dirham fine for first-time offenders. This doubles for repeat-offenders. 

The man was nabbed as he picked up passengers with his illegal service.

According to the police, the man will have his vehicle confiscated for at least 30 days. He will also be given a lot of black points on his record.