The Sharjah Art Museum will launch "Cobra: 1000 Days of Free Art" exhibition featuring artwork from one of Europe’s most influential modern art movements.

CoBrA is an acronym for the three capital cities where the founding artists lived and worked: Copenhagen, Brussels and Amsterdam. They strove to create a new, free and expressive art, and to liberate the artistic creativity that is hidden in every human being.

Artwork featured in the exhibition comes from the Cobra Museum of Modern Art in the Netherlands and includes paintings, photographs, ceramics, jazz music and film from the period between 1947 and the early 1960s.

Introducing the visitor to the social and historical developments of the period from 1930-1960 in Europe, the exhibition will relay the story of Cobra through a chronological timeline. Historical images, documentaries and spoken word portraits will set the scene of a continent ravaged by war, while showcasing the birth and significance of the movement.

“We’re very honoured that Sharjah was selected as the venue for the first Cobra exhibition in the UAE,” Alya Al-Mulla, curator of Sharjah Art Museum said, according to a press release.

“Cobra represented a hugely significant moment in European art history, an exciting time of breaking down barriers and pushing the boundaries of artistic expression. It’s a unique chance for Sharjah residents and visitors to experience for themselves a revolutionary art form whose influence still echoes in today’s styles.”

The exhibition will open on Sept. 9 and will feature more than 60 artworks. Find more details on the Sharjah Art Museum website here .