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Shakira's hips don't lie, and she's here to remind us all where she got them from. During her halftime performance at the Super Bowl - the U.S.' biggest American football game - in Miami, the Arab-Latina hybrid celebrated her 43rd birthday by bellydancing on stage and honoring her Lebanese roots. 

There were a lot of iconic moments during the show, but perhaps the biggest one for all Lebanese and Arab fans everywhere was the snippet of her performing a rope dance to the famous 1998 hit song Ojos Asi. Though the entire snippet lasted around 30 seconds, that was all it took for Shakira to acknowledge and pay tribute to her Arab background. 

She rocked the stage for six whole minutes, opening the set with She Wolf before inviting Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny to duet on a cover of Cardi B's I Like It

She wrapped up the show with her biggest hit to date, Hips Don't Lie, and even jumped off the stage to partake in a brilliant crowd-surfing moment. Through it all, it looked like she was having a blast, later sharing the stage with fellow Latina artist Jennifer Lopez. 

Lebanese diaspora all around the world had their eyes glued to the performance and, of course, Shakira did not disappoint. The queen gave them something to talk about. 

A few joked about Arabs rubbing Shakira's Arab ancestry in everyone's face

She's got stamina and couldn't stop moving

"Showing her Lebanese roots"

"To have our culture and our rhythms represented up there, even in the smallest way, is massive"

A concept: Shakira teaching belly dancing classes in Lebanon

"A moment"

Bellydancing challenge sponsored by the one and only Shakira

She even went ahead and gave the world a meme for the next 11 months ... by just ululating

Shakira, full name Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, was born in Barranquilla, Colombia. Her Lebanese paternal grandparents moved from Lebanon to the U.S., New York City specifically, where her father was born. The latter immigrated to Colombia at the age of 5.

The international star's name is Arabic for "thankful" or "full of grace."

In 2018, Shakira was applauded by her Arab fanbase for reportedly canceling a show she was scheduled to perform in Israel, though no Israeli production company officially confirmed said concert.