If you happen to be a shisha or hookah fanatic, then you must be aware of the incredibly annoying task of having to get out of the water, either the pool or the ocean, just to have a few puffs of your favorite flavored smokes.

Shisha lovers, do not despair, for a group of young Egyptians created the greatest invention on earth and it is called Seasha.

Say goodbye to the days where you have to keep getting in and out of the water because Seasha, a floating shisha or hookah, is now available. Now, you get to chill and enjoy what nature has to offer with your shisha, or do I say, Seasha, at hand!

Whether it's with company of your friends..

Or some simple alone time to ponder and enjoy your surroundings...

With the invention of Seasha, Egypt's young creative mind elevated the hookah experience!