Source: Sabq

People in Saudi Arabia's Abha were left shocked after a dead body tied to a bed was spotted in the middle of a local highway, Sabq news reported

In his statement on the matter, Zaid bin Mohammad Al Dabash, the official spokesman for Assir governorate's police, said the deceased had illegally crossed the country's borders.

"After the body was evaluated by a medical examiner, it was discovered that the victim was in his 30s and had died of multiple gunshot wounds," he added.

Al Dabash also explained that the case has since been referred to a criminal investigations unit to find those responsible for the man's death.

The terrifying case sent shockwaves through Saudi Twitter

The videos and images capturing the bed found in the middle of the road went viral as soon as they were uploaded. 

Hundreds have since shared their reactions to the bizarre incident.

People were shook

"What kind of crime is this!!!!"

Many were left terrified

"No strength or power but in God. Something that makes your hair stand on end."

To say the least ...

"I can't sleep, I've been so scared since I read this news."

"This kind of criminal staging is unusual in KSA"

"God have mercy on us"

Saudi Arabia has been fighting illegal expats through "A Nation Without Violators"

In 2017, Saudi Arabia launched "A Nation Without Violators," a campaign that gave residency and labor law violators the chance to leave the country without having to pay penalties.

Under the campaign, which took effect in March 2017, Saudi Arabia's former Interior Minister Mohammad Bin Nayef announced a three-month grace period to help undocumented expatriates regularize their status or leave the country.

Over 600,000 expat workers were said to have left the kingdom during the campaign. 

Authorities also offered a 50,000 riyal ($13,332) reward to anyone who reported illegal expats to authorities, and warned those who host or help illegal expats that a 100,000 riyal ($26,700) fine and up to two years in prison will be imposed.