Sultan Al Burqan

Former Saudi footballer and popular sports critic Sultan Al Burqan passed away earlier this week after battling an illness, Al Riyadh newspaper reported

Though some speculated the star was being treated for brain cancer in the past six months, the nature of the disease that claimed the 35-year-old's life was not disclosed to media outlets. 

Just hours after news of his shocking death started making the rounds online, thousands of fans posted tributes to the star. 

Several of the kingdom's football celebrities, including former players Sami Al Jaber and Yaser Al Qahtani, have also since sent out condolences to Al Burqan's family. 

There was an outpour of tributes to the star

"The person with the purest heart, Sultan Al Burqan, the man who was light hearted and who always had a smile on his face has left us. There's no strength or power but in God."

"May God give strength to his family and those who loved him"

Al Burqan was loved by many

"The amount of people who attended Sultan Al Burqan's funeral shows you how much people loved him and his kindness. May God have mercy on him."

"Rest in peace"

Al Hilal Club has since decided to honor their former star

Al Burqan was part of the kingdom's Al Hilal sports club for years and in the wake of his death، its managers decided to honor the star. 

In a statement he made on Tuesday, the club's head manager, Mohamed bin Faisal, said the late footballer will be honored at their next match against Al Nasr. 

They also explained that all the money raised during the match will be handed over to Al Burqan's family.