Saudi hashtags ensure there's never a dull moment on the kingdom's Twitter. 

The latest one to go viral asked local tweeps where they're first girlfriends or boyfriends ended up. 

The result? Hilarious responses that'll make your day: 

"Where's your first girlfriend/boyfriend?"

It then sparked a hilarious and pretty savage frenzy

"He left me and married his cousin"

"We got into a fight and he blocked me"

Some don't really care where their ex is now

"It's not important. Maybe he died. I don't even think he graduated middle school."

"The first one died, the second is in jail, and the third is at the Southern border"

This relationship didn't end well ... to say the least

"In hell. Every time I remember that I used to love him I feel sick."

Hilarious memes were all over this hashtag

"In the trash"

"Gone with the wind"

There were those who had their own meltdowns

What relationship?

"What love and relationships are you talking about? I wake up to eat and go back to sleep"

Many shared their only memorable first loves

Where's your first love?