The reckless practice of celebratory gunfire results in multiple tragedies every year around the Middle East. Many pass away or are injured due to stray bullets, ruining whatever celebration is taking place. 

In hopes of initiating change, many Saudis took to Twitter to condemn the practice that has been plaguing their country, launching a viral hashtag: معا_ضد_رصاص_المناسبات#, which translates to "Together Against Celebratory gunfire."

They shared many heartbreaking stories and called on authorities to put in place harsher restrictions on all violators. 

Here is a look at some of their tweets:

It all started with this tweet showing the magnitude of the problem

"Every year, about 100 people get injured by celebratory gunfire, a third of whom are killed. Stop! Stop horrifying children, turning wives into widows, making their children orphans. Please just stop." 

The launch of a hashtag

"I invite everyone to join in, especially those with many followers, to help bring this harmful practice to an end."  

The situation is serious and worrisome

"I still remember hearing one of the pilots informing the control tower that his plane was almost hit by a gunshot."  

You can be happy without firearms

"You can express your joy without causing harm;

 You can have fun without causing a mess;

 And you can certainly be happy without using firearms." 

Some shared horrifying stories about parents who almost lost children to stray bullets

"The situation keeps on getting worse."  

Many asked for harsh punishments

"Dancing with swords is more than enough to celebrate." 

Social media invasion

"Imagine losing a loved one to a bullet of unknown source." 

In a nutshell

"1. It's just waste of money;

  2. May lead to killing innocents; 

 3. It casts horror among the people;

 4. It causes disturbance to whomever is living nearby; 

And at the end, some dare to call it fun!"