Saudi women are not going to stop until they are granted the right to drive. Although there isn't a law, per say, prohibiting women in the kingdom from driving, officials do not issue driver's licenses for women.

People on Twitter have started the hashtag #IWillDriveMyCarJune15 ( ساقود_سيارتي_١٥_يونيو ) discussing the possibility of women getting behind the wheel. Many people are speaking up because to them it's about time women in the kingdom are granted the basic right of driving. Unfortunately, many are still mocking the 'idea' of possibly letting a woman drive.

The hashtag has been trending for a couple days now and has received more than 1 million mentions so far.

The government should either let us drive or provide us with private transportation at reasonable prices

This proves that society is ready, all we need is lifting of the driving laws

Simply, anyone who opposes a woman's right to drive is free to have his own personal opinion, however should not impose his opinion on others and society as a whole

While others are still not willing to move forward...

More recently, the Saudi Shura Council reopened the debate around women driving in the kingdom. The proposed change would amend Article 36 of the Traffic Law to establish that driving is an equal right for women and men.