One of Saudi Arabia's oldest super-centenarians has died at 147 years of age, Al Watan newspaper reported on Friday. 

For years, Ali bin Mohammad bin Mari'i Al-Alkami, was known as the oldest man in the kingdom. 

In an interview with Al Watan, published a few years before his death, the elder was asked about his lifestyle and shared a few extraordinary details. 

Throughout his life, Al-Alkami never visited a hospital

Source: Alwatan

In his interview, Al-Alkami said he lived on home-grown vegetables and fruits, in addition to lentils, beans, and barley. 

He explained that he'd never had restaurant meals or eaten anything that contains sugar. 

He also added that he'd never needed a hospital visit even when he reached an advanced age. 

When asked about his daily routine, Al-Alkami said he always slept right after night prayers and woke up two hours before dawn prayers (Salat al-Fajr). 

Even after he celebrated his hundredth birthday, Al-Alkami kept on attending Friday prayers at a local mosque, walking over four kilometers to get there. 

Tributes are pouring in as news of Al-Alkami's death circulates on Twitter

"He's part of our country's heritage. May he rest in peace."

"The first Friday prayers without him"

"May he rest in peace, even at his age, he refused not to stand up for prayers."

"May he rest in a better place"

"He was known to everyone as baba Ali"

"A wise, religious man who will always be part of our history. He performed hajj over forty times. This photo was taken two months before his death."