A video of a wife heartwarmingly hugging her husband after she won a car while attending a football match angered many in Saudi Arabia. 

This is because some in the kingdom think it's wrong for a woman to show affection to her husband in public.

The footage went viral on Twitter earlier this week, and saw the woman spontaneously react to the win, which took place during a match between local teams Al Hilal and Al Itifaq.

Just hours after it started circulating online, the clip garnered polarized reactions from thousands of Saudis.

The clip divided Saudi tweeps, some of whom deemed the woman's reaction "inappropriate."

However, there were also many who found the entire controversy ridiculous, calling out the misogyny in the comments left under the video. 

Many attacked the woman for hugging her husband

"Isn't she ashamed of this, hugging her husband in front of everyone? This isn't right." 

"We won't see hope in a woman hugging her husband in public"

"We're an oriental society with Islamic values that we don't like anyone to cross." 

Some deemed her "shameless"

"A woman hugging her husband in front of people and cameras... this is simply shameless."

Thousands were angered by the hug

"Filming women and focusing cameras on them in football stadiums and capturing one hugging her husband, then sharing it!! If they were the woman's family, would they allow this to happen? Where's men's jealousy?!"

Some sent out pretty vile tweets in reaction to it

"Debauchery, corruption and mixed-gender events... what's the use of having women enter stadiums? The only thing to come out of it is the destruction of manners, values and traditions. Men are no longer jealous over their women and women are becoming less feminine."

But understandably, many couldn't deal with the backlash

"I got a headache from the futile misogynistic rhetoric 'some' are displaying in this mention."

And saw absolutely nothing wrong with the entire incident

"She's beautiful." 

"Her happiness is beautiful! Mabrook, she deserves all the best"