Nearly two years ago, US President Donald Trump wanted to ban immigrants from several Muslim majority countries. But, it doesn't seem to be going his way at all. 

For the first time ever, two Muslim women have been elected to Congress, including Palestinian-American Rashida Tlaib and Somali-American Ilhan Omar.

Omar is also the first hijabi to become a member of Congress, the first Somali-American US legislator, and the first woman of color to represent Minnesota in Congress, according to BuzzFeed News.

On Tuesday night, the former state lawmakers - both democrats - won their congressional midterm 2018 races; Omar won Minnesota's 5th Congressional District while Tlaib took the 13th District House seat in Michigan.

The wins are definitely changing the game in US politics.

"America responded by voting for a Muslim refugee to Congress"

Who are the two women?

Tlaib on the left, Omar on the right

Enter Ilhan Omar:

In 2016, Minnesota made history after electing Omar to the state legislature. 

Since then, Omar has inspired many with her fight for minority representation. In 2017, TIME magazine featured Omar on the cover of its September issue, which revolved around a central theme of "Firsts" - a multimedia project that included 12 different covers featuring 12 different women.

Omar was listed among 45 other women who have shattered barriers in an effort to change the world. 

"To the Muslim and Somali communities, my gender was a problem because politics is supposed to be a man's role," Omar said at the time.

"Then there was the typical stuff that women candidates deal with - as a mother, how irresponsible I must be to want to run and devote as much time out of the home. No one ever asks the male candidates … how they expect to balance family life." 

Enter Rashida Tlaib:

Born in Detroit in 1976, Tlaib was reportedly the first in her family to earn a high school diploma. She went on to graduate from college and law school, all the while helping raise her 13 siblings.

In 2008, the lawyer became the first Muslim woman in the Michigan Legislature. When it comes to her stance on US President Donald Trump, Tlaib is a "strong anti-Trump voice."

In 2016, the soon-to-be congresswoman was forcibly removed from a luncheon in Detroit after heckling Trump, who was the Republican presidential nominee at the time.

"He doesn't love Detroit. He doesn't love no one who isn't Donald Trump," she shouted while Trump was giving a speech on economics.

Earlier this year, the 42-year-old politician and lawyer - born to Palestinian immigrants - revealed that the ongoing prejudice against Muslims and immigrants had pushed her to run for Congress. 

"I didn't run because my election would be historic. I ran because of injustices and because of my boys, who are questioning their [Muslim] identity and whether they belong. I’ve never been one to stand on the sidelines," she told ABC News.

While Tlaib's win has been widely celebrated among Muslims and Palestinians, Chicago-based online publication Electronic Intifada previously raised some questions regarding her stance on the Israeli occupation.

Ilhan Omar shared her excitement in a tweet

Countless "Mabrouks" came pouring in

"Watching history unfold before our eyes"

"I'm so proud of my sisters and can't wait to see Muslim women reach new heights"

"We elected two of the most inspiring women I know"

Muslim representation in US Congress

As for Muslim representation in the legislative body, two Muslim congressmen, Keith Ellison and Andre Carson, had been elected to Congress previously. Ellison is the first Muslim to ever take the role. 

However, Omar and Tlaib will be the first Muslim women to serve. 

Omar will fill the seat vacated by Minnesota's Ellison, as he plans to become Minnesota attorney general. Tlaib will take Michigan Democratic Rep. John Conyers' seat.