A young Saudi woman has died after jumping out of a taxi fearing that its driver was about to abduct her and her friends, Ajel news site reported

According to the local media outlet, the woman and her friends hailed the vehicle but were surprised when the driver suddenly changed their usual route. 

The women asked him to explain why he was taking a different path but he didn't answer, they also asked him to stop the car but he refused to do so.  When the women panicked, the victim jumped out of the car in an attempt to save all their lives. 

"She was still alive, but he ran over her body twice"

Speaking to local authorities, the victim's friends said she was still alive following the jump but was killed after the driver decided to horrifically run over her body. 

"She was still alive, but he ran over her body twice," sources told the news site

After the woman died, authorities arrived at the scene and found the driver standing beside his car while the terrified victims were still in it. He was quickly arrested and taken into custody while paramedics arrived at the scene to check up on the victims of the horrific incident. 

In a statement to Ajel, official spokesman for Mecca's Police department, Atti Al Qureshi, said investigations into the case have now been launched.

The shocking incident is going viral on Saudi Twitter

"A taxi driver murders a girl by running over her after failing to abduct her and her friends." 

People are more than shocked


"This is terrifying"

"This is also why I never get into a car with a driver I don't know." 

"We told you it's better for a woman to drive her own car"

Many are now calling on taxi service companies to take precautionary measures

"Ride-hailing apps and taxi companies must thoroughly follow up with their employees and have cameras connected to vehicles in order to ensure the safety of every passenger." 

Others are just speechless

"There's no strength or power but in God."