Ramadan 2018 is less than a month away ... and the countdown clock has been switched on.

Muslims around the world are anticipating the start of the holy month -which is expected to begin on May 16 - and haven't been containing their excitement on social media.

Here are 14 tweets that prove just how ready Muslims are:

1. Ramadan prep 101:

2. "I really need Ramadan to come ... and heal me"

3. People are already anticipating "those" questions

4. Others have begun stocking up for the holy month

5. "Little do [non-Muslims] know that it's our favorite time of the year"

6. "I'm so excited"

7. Some have started thinking about the upcoming "hunger games"

8. "Stop rolling joints, start rolling wara2 3enab"

9. Ready for all the azoomas and katayef?

10. Sleeping schedules have started altering

11. Pre-Ramadan season be like:

12. The real definition of happiness

13. The memes have been rolling in

14. And then there are those...