Earlier this week, a Saudi woman in Ha'il city accused her husband of burning down her car because he didn't want her to drive it, Sabq news site reported

In her report filed to the police, the victim said she bought a car soon after a women's driving school opened in Hai'l. She was working on getting her license when the new vehicle was burned down by her partner. 

Authorities are currently investigating the case and questioning the husband over the incident. 

Some defended the husband's actions with misogynistic comments

"Shamelessness... she wants to drive without her husband's permission."

But, so many couldn't believe the news

Some were understandably outraged by the husband's alleged actions

"This person is regressive ... he must be forced to pay her back for the car. He should also be fined, jailed, and forced to sign a paper stating he'll never do such a reckless thing again."

"When you marry a child"

Not the first time a woman's car is burned down in the kingdom

Several incidents of men burning down women's cars were reported in Saudi Arabia since the kingdom officially lifted its ban on women driving back in June.

Earlier this year, a woman in Saudi Arabia was reportedly threatened and harassed by a group of young men for practicing her basic right to drive.

Later identified as Salma Al Sharif, the woman shared her story with local media, saying several men demanded she gives up driving claiming it is "against the will of God."

After going against their misogynistic views, they set her car on fireIn a controversial decision, a court later acquitted the two men accused of burning down Al Sharif's car. 

However, her lawyers said their client will appeal this sentence and will follow up on the case until justice is served.