Earlier this week, two Saudi men accused of burning down a woman's car in Mecca were found innocent by a court in the kingdom, Okaz newspaper reported

The verdict comes months after the woman, Salma Al Sharif, took legal action against the defendants.

According to the local news outlet, the ruling was issued by the judge as legislators did not find enough evidence to incriminate the men. 

Speaking to Okaz, Al Sharif's lawyer said his client was disappointed with the legal decision and will now take the case to an appeals court.

The burning down of Al Sharif's car had gone viral over the summer

Al Sharif's car was burned down shortly after a ban lift on women driving took effect in the country on June 24. 

The young woman had decided to hit the kingdom's roads after getting her license, but a few men in her hometown Al Jamoum weren't having it. 

Though they repeatedly threatened and harassed her, Al Sharif defiantly drove her car, angering the men. They then burned her car down in a hate crime that shocked thousands

At the time of the attack, Al Sharif shared her story with media outletssaying the men demanded she stops driving because it was "against the will of God." 

She also labelled the crime "barbaric" and said she would take legal action against the perpetrators. 

The most recent turn in the case divided Saudis on Twitter

Some nodded in agreement with the verdict

"If a court found them innocent then they were falsely accused. There's no way they wouldn't be punished if they did take part in something like this." 

"They were found innocent and this means they didn't commit this act"

"This case isn't going to just pass, they're going to find out who did this. We're in a country of justice, our legal system isn't corrupt." 

Others were angered by the ruling

"The most immense injustice." 

"Even our legal system is misogynistic"

People had so many questions

"So the car burned itself down?"

"Appeal this verdict and take back your full right"

Al Sharif isn't the only woman who was harassed for driving in the kingdom

"As I was driving my car today, I was harassed by a young man on The King's highway. The man kept on chasing after my car, going right and left in the three lanes ahead of us! When he realized we were filming him, he sped away. He put my life and my family's life in danger and also risked the lives of those driving around us. I reported him to the kingdom's authorities."

Though the ban lift on women driving in Saudi Arabia was celebrated by millions, it also sparked anger among misogynists in the kingdom. 

Some of them didn't only attack the decision online, but also harassed women who drove on the country's roads. 

One of these women is Dr. Samar Khan, a Saudi national who was harassed by a male driver while driving her car on one of the kingdom's highways. 

At the time, Khan filmed the incident and reported it to police in order to teach her harasser a lesson.