In a new story that rings the bells of #SaveRahaf - a Saudi teen who was granted asylum in Canada in January after she drew international concern over her safety via Twitter - a 14-year-old boy tried to do the same. 

According to Al Madina newspaper, Ahmad Al Bushairi issued a travel permit for himself via the Absher app after breaking into his father's phone. 

The young boy claimed via now-deleted tweets that he's a victim of domestic abuse, and is seeking asylum in any country that would take him in. Al Bushairi flew to Kuwait and then to Thailand last week, but was refused a visa upon arrival due to his young age and lack of adult company. 

After being turned away, the teenager was flown back to Kuwait where he was handed over to his father. 

Speaking to local media outlets, Al Bushairi's relatives said the teen, who is a student in a school located in Jizan governorate, had been telling his classmates at school about his desire to travel. The father only knew about his son's discussions recently. 

Just hours after news of the 14-year-old's escape attempt started making the rounds on Saudi Twitter, it went completely viral

Some came up with conspiracy theories

"If you took an adult to an airport, they wouldn't know how to process their documents. So do you believe a child can do it? Search for those who planed for this and guided this child. They're on their way to target other children." 

Others had so many questions

"1 - How was this child able to travel from Saudi Arabia to Kuwait without his guardian's approval?

2 - How did Kuwait Airways allow him to board the flight to Thailand all alone?

3 - Who of Kuwait Airways' staff is cooperating with those fleeing the kingdom?"

Many were concerned for Al Bushairi's safety

"Honestly, you can't blame any abused child for trying to escape. The Ministry of Labor and Social Development encourages abuse and imprisons victims."

"Our social service system is poor"

"According to neighbors, he stole money from his parents and siblings and secretly approved his travel plans via the Absher app. Where were they? How did they not realize what their son was planning to do?" 

"People, treat your children with kindness"

"Stay away from abusive behavior, whether it's verbal of physical. Please, anything but children."

Al Bushairi allegedly sent out a tweet after being returned to his family

"People, thank God this all passed and I am now OK," he tweeted. 

Saudi tweeps were concerned for Al Bushairi's safety and wellbeing after he was returned to his family. This is because he had previously alleged that his father had been abusive to him. 

Al Bushairi's original Twitter page was shut down during his escape attempt. However, people claimed he is now communicating online via another account linked to him. 

The page features only one tweet that was posted late on Tuesday. It remains unclear whether the post was actually sent out by the teen.