Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently spent three days in Morocco, marking their last royal overseas trip before they officially become parents.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex did not miss out on embracing Moroccan culture during their stay ... and that included lots of food.

Prince Harry seemed to enjoy the food, beating Markle's pregnancy cravings. In fact, he was caught eyeing the food at almost every occasion.

Upon arrival, the dates got his attention

Like really stole his eyes & captured his taste buds

So, naturally, he just had to grab Moroccan delights at every turn

His nod at 0:11 says it all

He took a pretty "big bite" when tasting traditional pancakes

But, it seems as though it wasn't "BIG" enough for him

He constantly reached out to whatever was in front of him

And just couldn't keep his eyes off the food

Follow his eyes at 0:12

Just look at how he's EYE-ing Meghan's food

And taking her food, too!

All we can say is SAHTEIN!