An Egyptian woman who was married to three men at once for five years was referred to a court in Cairo, Russia Today reported earlier this week. 

This came after the woman's first husband reported her to authorities upon discovering she was married to two other men. 

"He came back home early one day and found their children home alone. His wife hadn't told him she was going out and it was out of the ordinary for her to leave her children unattended," RT wrote

The man asked his children if they knew where their mother had gone, and his eldest son, 4-year-old Ayman, said he'd heard her making plans to go and buy lingerie with a man who was their neighbor. 

Instead of confronting his wife with what he'd learnt, the man decided to investigate the matter further. 

He told his children not to say anything about him arriving home early that day and in the weeks following his discovery, he closely watched his wife's movements.

The husband discovered that his wife was spending two hours of her day in their neighbor Yousef's apartment, and another two hours at the apartment of a man named Sabri - both men eventually turned out to be married to her. 

Soon after he found out the truth, the man searched for evidence he could present to the court. 

When he searched his wife's closets, he found two 'Orfi' (unofficial) marriage certificates. 

He immediately presented the papers to the authorities, who then arrested the woman and referred her to the public prosecutor's office. 

Under both Egyptian and Islamic law, polyandry - a form of polygamy where a woman is married to more than one man - is forbidden.