Yes, he is a Saudi royal, and yes, his Instagram name is Yolo Fahad... and he is one of the coolest royals you'll ever come to know. 

Prince Fahad Bin Faisal Al Saud is a successful Saudi prince in his 30s and is trying his best to leave the most positive of marks in the Arab region and the world. 

From building a tech enterprise to owning his fashionable style and trips around the globe, Al Saud is all about hard work and well-deserved fun. 

1. He stepped down from the royal life for his tech career

Away from the luxurious life of a Saudi Arabian prince, Fahad Al Saud took the decision of helping the Arab world through what is most used nowadays... social media and technology. 

Based in Berlin, Germany, he has ventured into the industry of video games and tech entrepreneurship in general.

2. He has a digital content company called Na3am

Source: Na3am

In 2013, the prince launched his own digital content company, New Arab Media - aka Na3am, meaning "Yes" in Arabic - in hope of helping the Arab region advance in regard of technology, video games, and comics. 

His award-winning company launched many comics with Arab female heroines at the center, educational and entertaining video games, and spread a positive image of the region.

3. He made way for Saudi Arabia's first female super hero, Latifa

Creating Saudi Girls Revolution (SGR) universe, Al Saud gave life to the kingdom's first female super hero... and he named her Latifa - Arabic for kind. 

"Latifa grew up as an orphan in the empty quarter of Saudi Arabia. Her friend and mentor is the intelligent sword Alfaisal," SGR's website writes

The Saudi super heroine even has her own video game, which was released in 2017 during Saudi Arabia's first Comic Con

4. He's met with previous U.S. Presidents, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton

The Obama administration chose Al Saud as a Next Generation Leader who would advise in regard to "millennial solutions on healthcare, energy reform, and women's rights."

In 2016, he met with and was congratulated by previous U.S. Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. They showed appreciation to his "continued works with NA3AM, women's rights, and generating new platforms for future, more inclusive generations." 

5. He was head of user operations for Facebook Arabic

After graduating from Stanford University with degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Management Science and Engineering, and Middle Eastern Studies and Literature, the prince chose a job opportunity at Facebook over pursuing an MBA. 

"Facebook is the reason I'm not going for an MBA right now. Facebook was my MBA. Facebook was my PhD," Al Saud said in an interview with Business Insider back in 2013.

In 2009, he was hired as Head of User Operations for Facebook Arabic and helped launch its Arabic version. 

6. He's been granted the title of "Technology Evangelist"

His work and continuous contributions in the industry have granted him the title of "tech entrepreneur and social media evangelist," according to Business Insider. 

This comes after being a "frequent NATO lecturer," "regular keynote speaker on tech and innovation for UNICEF as well as the Harvard Arab Association," "mentor at the Unreasonable Institute’s international tech entrepreneurship program" in 2013, and many more esteemed titles and roles. 

7. He's a fan of traveling the world

The UK, Indonesia, Germany, Honduras, the U.S., and the list goes on and on... he sure knows how to have fun. 

8. He has a killer fashion sense

No matter what the occasion is, the prince is sure to have the perfect outfit... almost all social media posts show him rocking clothes that look like they're fresh out of a runway. 

9. He's all about friends and good company

The tech evangelist is rarely seen without his squad. From traveling to partying and just chilling, he makes sure to be surrounded by the right people. 

10. He's an animal lover

Unlike your regular animal lover, Al Saud made sure his beautiful cat, Monarch, has its own Instagram account