Saudi Arabia's Mecca police department arrested a restaurant employee who was filmed talking to a woman behind a fast food eatery in the city, Akbhaar24 news site reported on Thursday. 

Earlier this week a video of the woman approaching the man close to his workplace went viral on social media, sparking outrage among users who deemed the duo's behavior "immoral." 

In his statement on the matter, an official spokesman for Mecca's police department said

"After a thorough investigation into the matter, officers identified the place where the incident happened. It is a fast food restaurant located behind a school." 

"The woman seen in the video is a student at the school and approached the man during the lunch break, going against our norms and values. After police officers identified the man, he was arrested, investigated and punished according to our rules and regulations," he added.

The footage sparked outrage in the ultra-conservative kingdom

And a lot of people are upset

"There's no power or strength but in God." 

"They have no morals"

After news of the arrest, some felt the woman should also be investigated

"It's unjust to just investigate the worker and not the woman, she's the one who went to see him." 

"They should all be punished'

Some called for severe measures

"They should be shamed in public. Sharia and legal punishments should be enforced. They should also be separated and banned from work for life." 

A few shared absurd recommendations

"He should marry her, that's it."  

Others were having none of it though

"Maybe she's his relative or his sister and came to see him at work."

And regardless...

 "A worker meets a woman... what's so wrong with that?"