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The incredible transformation of Khaled Al Shaeri, the man once known as the heaviest in Saudi Arabia, went viral on social media earlier on Thursday. 

According to Twasul news site, the young man, who once weighed a whopping 610 kilos, managed to lose over 80 percent of his body weight in the last 4 years.  

In 2013, Al Shaeri was transported to hospital with the help of a team of medics, firefighters, and policemen. 

This came after late King Abdullah bin Abdel Aziz heard of his story and ordered authorities to treat him. 

With the help of a medical team, the young man managed to make this transformation and now weighs 68 kilos.  

A transformation like no other

Over the past few years, Al Shaeri's weight loss journey was followed by millions online. 

And it's now making the rounds again, as people hail him for his achievement. 

To say that people are happy is an understatement here

"I am just so happy to see this. May God give him happiness." 

Some got emotional

"That smile on his face and the happiness of the people around him. May God grant him health and happiness."

"This is an incredible achievement"


"He got his life back"

"All our respect to the medical team who oversaw his treatment"