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Authorities in Saudi Arabia's Riyadh arrested an unmarried couple who were found in car together, Sabq news site reported

This came after police officers in an area known as Halban became suspicious over the vehicle the duo were in and pulled them over.

At first, the man - who's in his 50s - told officials the 20-year-old woman found with him was his relative. 

But after police cross-checked the couple's identification cards, they realized they weren't related and charged them with having an "illicit" relationship - an act considered a sin under Sharia law.

Both defendants have now been referred to public prosecution and are set to face trial. 

Soon after the incident was reported, news of it made the rounds on Saudi Twitter and has since gone viral. 

Some Saudis were all for the arrest

"This is the duty of security forces."

"Authorities should jail them"

Others were upset by the detainment news

"What do you have to do with them?"

"Have mercy and let people be"

"To those insulting the couple for being in this situation and the man for being in his 50s... no one knows their circumstances." 

Not the first time a similar arrest is reported in the kingdom

Dating outside of marriage is strictly forbidden is Saudi Arabia and this certainly isn't the first time a similar case is reported in the kingdom. 

Last year, an unmarried couple was detained by Saudi authorities after being found together in a car. The duo, who were allegedly drunk at the time of the arrest, were found after police received a tip from a person who said their car had crossed a red traffic light on a Jeddah city road.

In 2015, a couple was arrested in the kingdom's Khamis Mashit after they were found alone, also in a car.

Similar arrests aren't only prevalent in the kingdom and are often reported in countries across the Gulf region. 

In the UAE, unmarried couples who are found meeting in public or private can face legal consequences. 

In 2018, a UAE-based couple was charged with having a relationship outside of marriage and sentenced to one year in jail. 

The man and woman were prosecuted by authorities after investigations revealed they had spent time alone in private.