This week, a Saudi man was hailed a hero for diverting a potential assault from happening. 

Identified as Nayef bin Drizi Al Wahbi Al Harbi, the former solider - who's now a driver - had been dropping a group of teachers back home when he noticed something odd outside the home of one expat female teacher.

Speaking to Sabq news site, the 31-year-old man spoke of how the horrific attack unfolded. 

"I had dropped all the other teachers home, except for one. My mother (muharram) was in the vehicle with us; when we got close to the woman's house, I noticed someone moving behind the entrance of her residence. I asked her to stay in the car with my mom and went inside to check if anyone was there," he said. 

The moment Al Harbi walked in through the building's gate, he was attacked by two men, who were waiting for the teacher under the staircase leading to her apartment. 

*Images capturing some of Al Harbi's injuries have been posted online, but we refrain from sharing such graphic content in line with ethical standards. 

"I was attacked by a man at first, and when I fended him off, another one jumped at me and started stabbing my arm. After a struggle, they ran off," he added.

"My mom was distraught and the teacher kept crying in the car because her young children were inside her apartment as the incident took place," he explained.

Al Harbi was stabbed several times and sustained defensive wounds on his arm. He was transferred to a local hospital to receive medical treatment and has since been discharged. 

Many are now hailing the 31-year-old as a hero, thanking him for his selfless act via a hashtag that's making the rounds online. 

"A heroic act... sacrifice... saving a life"

"He deserves to be honored"

"And the attackers must be held accountable so that other criminals learn from this." 

"Thank God for your safety"

"Get well soon hero"

"What would've happened to the teacher if she went home alone?"

"Why did they target the teacher?"