A Saudi paramedic who was dispatched to the scene of a fatal car accident earlier this week, got the shock of his life when he realized his own family members were involved in it. 

According to Twasul news site, Saudi Red Crescent member, Fayhan Al Jaberi, was leading a team of rescuers to the scene in Medina when he noticed the crashed car looked similar to the one owned by his family. 

When he got closer to the site, he realized that one of the deceased was in fact his own brother who had died along with four other family members. 

The paramedic courageously continued his mission on the site and helped save the life of his niece who was injured in the incident. 

Head of Saudi's Red Crescent offered his condolences to Al Jaberi

Shortly after the incident, head of Saudi's Red Crescent organization, Dr. Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Qasem, offered his condolences to the paramedic, hailing his bravery. 

Al Jaberi refused to leave his duty and kept working on saving lives even though he was left in a very difficult situation. 

The tragic news is making the rounds on Arab Twitter

The paramedic's tragic story is still making the rounds on Arab Twitter, with hundreds reacting to it with shock. 

Some were terribly upset over the news

"There's no strength or power but in God." 

"Such a painful situation"

"Oh my God, this is just so heartbreaking"

"I got goosebumps"

"May God help their hearts heal after this loss." 

Many are now praying for the family of the accident's victims

"May God grant them patience." 

"May God have mercy on his brother's soul"