A viral post that saw Saudi Twitter page Mojaz Al Akhbar criticize Lebanese singer Fairuz caused quite the stir online earlier this week.

In their tweet, the person behind the page called the star's music "substandard." However, the problem with the criticism is that the examples used to back it up aren't Fairuz songs.

One of them, "El Deek Beyaddan", was originally released by late Egyptian singer and composer Mohammad Darwish. Even though it was later adapted by the Lebanese icon, the tune is by no means considered one of her songs and is part of Egyptian folklore.

The other problematic example used in the post is "Ya Bou Abd El Fattah", a track sung by Lebanese singer Samira Toufic.

It all started when this post went viral

"In my opinion, Fairuz is one of the singers who sang the most substandard songs, including El Deek Beyaddan and Ya Bou Abd El Fattah... in addition to other songs that feature substandard lyrics and lack even the most basic elements that make up a good song."

Sparking backlash mainly because of this...

"He's free to think she's substandard, this is his opinion and freedom of speech is sacred. But his luck is so crappy, he named two songs that aren't even hers." 

"I am sure you know the songs you mentioned aren't hers"

"The way you criticized her is wrong and just unacceptable... test people's love for Fairuz in a classier way that's more like her." 

People just couldn't even

And some hit back with hilarious responses

"Mashallah, you're just too smart"

"In my opinion: You know nothing"

"Have you heard of heritage?"

"The two songs you listed as hers are considered part of folk heritage."

Many from across the Arab world disagreed with the entire post

"Fairuz is one of the giants in music and has her own feel to it. She was able to reach impressive success despite having some ordinary lyrics. I love listening to Fairuz in the early hours of the morning with a cup of coffee." 

"I wish you'd change your mind... this is Fairuz. Enough"

Case in point? When you want to criticize a singer, at least know their songs...

"OK, let's suppose Fairuz has nothing to do with art, the two songs you listed aren't hers in the first place."