The ongoing war in Syria has left millions of people displaced, separating countless families and rendering them refugees in foreign countries.

One of these cases is that of two Syrian brothers who were separated at the beginning of the conflict when one of them was forced to become a refugee in Jordan while the other stayed back home.

According to Sabq news site, the siblings were unable to meet for seven years but reunited earlier this week in Mecca as they arrived to perform Hajj. A video capturing the emotional moment the family finally reconvened has since gone viral online.

The heartwarming reunion is all over Twitter

Tweeps were incredibly moved by the footage

"Oh, God." 

"A story that reflects the plight of millions of Syrians"

"I am crying"

Some couldn't even find words

"Thank God they reunited"

"I teared up watching this." 

"The hug expressed how much they missed each other"