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In a tragic incident that took place in Mecca earlier this week, a Saudi man set himself on fire during an argument with his wife, Sabq news site reported

The couple's neighbors had managed to put out the fire before paramedics and police officers arrived to the scene. However, the man still suffered severe burns and was immediately transferred to a hospital for treatment. 

According to local news sources, the victim's condition was classified as critical. 

Authorities have since detained the wife for questioning

Source: Independent

In the wake of the incident, authorities arrested the man's wife and held her in custody for questioning. 

Mecca's police authority also launched an investigation into the case and will be collaborating with its forensic science department. 

The man's suicide attempt sent shockwaves through Saudi Twitter

"It's impossible that he set himself on fire"

Others thought the man could've simply gotten a divorce

"God allowed divorce." 

Everyone is praying the husband makes it through this

"May he get well soon." 

Not the first time Saudi media report a marital dispute that ended in tragedy

Last year, a husband in Mecca stabbed his wife to death and then attempted suicide

The incident went down during a marital dispute that took place in the couple's kitchen. 

The woman unfortunately died at the scene, while her husband was transferred to a hospital in critical condition.