Late on Sunday, Saudi authorities arrested a man who had jumped out of a moving car in the middle of Jeddah highway, in a bid to attack a person who was in a nearby vehicle. 

Jeddah's Traffic and Road Safety Authority issued a statement on the matter, announcing that they had arrested the man along with friends who were also inside the vehicle.  

"The men, who were in a Honda Civic, put people's lives in danger while trying to block the road ahead of another car," the statement read. 

"They have all been arrested and will be investigated. They will then be referred to prosecution," the statement added. 

The Authority explained that action will be taken against anyone who endangers people's lives. 

A video capturing the incident has gone viral on social media, sparking outrage among users who demanded that authorities take action. 

It remains unclear what the man's motive was. 

A social media meltdown of the sorts

Soon after the incident took place, a video capturing it began to make the rounds online, sending Saudi Twitter into a complete meltdown. 

Thousands were angered by the footage and said it was shocking to see someone being so indifferent towards the safety of others. 

People were upset

"This is a major highway... these people must be punished for putting people's lives at risk."

"The fact that this is a highway makes it even more dangerous than any other road"

"There must be stricter laws when it comes to reckless driving"

Many called on the authorities to take action

"Please arrest these reckless human beings, people could lose their lives because of their actions." 

People were relieved at the news of the arrest

"Thank God, and hopefully other reckless drivers will learn from this." 

A few suggested social work as a form of punishment

"I hope their punishment will be having to clean pavements for one hundred hours." 

Watch the full video of the incident here: