Michael Khouri snagged the Mr. Lebanon title nearly one month ago, but the news didn't invade our social media feeds up until recently. 

On Sept. 16, MTV Lebanon broadcast the competition finale as people from across the entire country tuned in. 

Pop star Haifa Wehbe took part in the finale, releasing her new song 'Bahib El Hayat' and stealing everyone's attention with her performance. The show took place at Casino Du Liban. 

Enter Michael Khouri

Khouri is a Lebanese-Canadian model, who was officially handed the Mr. Lebanon title on Aug. 30. 

He will be representing Lebanon in the next edition of the Mr. International pageant. 

The 24-year-old competed against some really 'handsome' copies of himself during this year's competition, or so people thought. 

Here are just a few: 

Can you spot Khouri?

During the broadcast, Lebanese social media turned into a Mr. Lebanon commentary thread

Some blamed the Mr. Lebanon candidates for the stereotypes foreigners have of Lebanese

Others mocked the candidates' interchangeable professions

Because there are really two options available

Some credited Khouri's win to "wasta"

Qualifications for Mr. Lebanon 2017 in a nutshell

Comparisons to "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" were in order

Some used the moment to break existing stereotypes

*Ma Fhemit* ... said everyone watching?

Some had other priorities ... because #HaifaWehbe

Including this little one

And then there were those ...