The Internet is a growing space for all sorts of ranting. Be it in text or video, people from almost all walks of are taking to the Internet to voice their beliefs. While most of them go unnoticed, one Saudi citizen surely grabbed some attention as he recorded a raging rant that ended up with cursing God and tearing the Quran.


Similar to anyone who holds a belief so strongly, especially religious beliefs, Twitter saw a tempest in a teacup over the video and the sheer insult to God, the Quran and the Saudi ruling family.

Shortly after the video was posted, tweeps initiated the hashtag #المطالبة_بإعدام_سعودى_سب_الله which roughly translates to “demanding a death sentence for a Saudi who cursed Allah.”

Despite the harshness of the hashtag, responses on Twitter varied widely.

Some users expressed their utter disapproval of the video, praying for the man to receive a harsh punishment:

Reads: "Throughout watching the video, I'm waiting for the part where God punishes him. Oh God, excuse us for what the fools of our kind have done."

But the majority of tweeps were repulsed by blood thirsty desires to kill the man, and instead invited people to pray for him.

Reads: "May Allah forgive me. He's mentally ill and he must be treated. And if he's sane, then may he repent. Thank Allah for being healthy."

Reads, "What did he do? He didn't do anything for you to demand his death. Neither did he slaughter nor kill. You'd kill him for a video where he talks?"

Reads: "Why don't we demand treating him if he's ill or teach him if he's ignorant, or help if he's needy? Resist your thirst for killing if only once."

Out of compassion, several tweets dug through the Saudi’s previous videos that show his mental illness, which he has admitted in one of his videos.

In the video above, the Saudi man admits that he is registered in a hospital for mental illnesses and that he should not be held responsible for his comments.

Reads: "Instead of wishing him wellness, you hold grudges and you demand punishing a man who is clearly psychologically ill."