Last week, a man in Saudi Arabia used his car to push a burning vehicle away from a gas station in Riyadh, saving more than 50 lives.

Only a few days after Sultan bin Mohammad Al-Rajban was hailed a 'national hero', he lost his family to a horrific house fire, which left his mother and two siblings dead.

According to Al Arabiyapolice reports revealed that the fire at Rajban's home was caused by a short circuit in the living room on the ground floor. 

The fire broke out and flames erupted whilst the family was asleep, resulting in suffocation.

People began speculating on the internet, blaming the "evil eye" for the tragic incident, according to Gulf News.

"He saved others but couldn't save his family"

Soon after the news began circulating online, people started to express their condolences to Rajban on Twitter.

"My heart just broke into a million pieces"

"May Allah give him patience"

"...I felt a strong urge to make the scene safe for everyone..."

At the beginning of October, Rajban was leaving a mosque in the evening when he saw a massive crowd surrounding a burning car situated right next to a petrol station in Riyadh. 

Rajban approached the scene and decided to take action.

"It was a dramatic scene with many civilians next to the car and others at the nearby ATM machine. I felt a strong urge to make the scene safe for everyone and I did not hold myself back," said Rajban, according to Gulf News.

"I got in my car, drove it to the burning vehicle and pushed it away from the pump to avoid the tragedy waiting to happen," he added. 

Following the incident, Prince Faisal bin Bandar, the Governor of Riyadh, invited Rajban to his palace, honoring him for his bravery.